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Naperville Millennium Carillon Sets Stage for Fall Community Events

Carillon with flags from Healing FieldThanksgiving Concert on the Horizon

On Saturday, November 21, 2015 at noon the Big Joe bell will toll in response to the recent acts of terrorism. In Memoriam, a piece composed by John Courter shortly after the September 11th attack in New York will be played as part of the concert.

The final Carillon special event this fall is a Thanksgiving Day concert of early American music played by Carillonneur Jim Brown at 12:00 noon on November 26, 2015.

In addition to providing a community gathering place and ringing its bells to entertain and to mark special occasions, Naperville’s Millennium Carillon also helps celebrate holidays and community causes silently through its colored lighting schedule. The regular white lights shine most of the year, but are occasionally colored to coincide with seasonal events.

Weekly recitals by local carillonneurs will take place on Saturdays at noon through December 26. Saturday afternoon recitals take place at 4:00 p.m. through October and at 3:00 p.m. during November and December.

Carillon tours have ended for the season will return in Spring of 2016.

The Carillon Lights Up the Night

Naperville’s Millennium Carillon celebrates community holidays and honors local events by lighting up Moser Tower in colors such as red, white and blue lighting for Independence Day and Veterans Day. Units of local government, school districts and colleges, not-for-profit corporations and public agencies are that are interested in proposing the display of certain colors to promote, celebrate, or commemorate non-profit or non-commercial community activities or events should contact the Park District at 630-848-5000.






Jan. 2-Mar. 13


Normal Tower Lighting

Mar. 14-17


St. Patrick's Day

Mar. 18-31


Normal Tower Lighting

Apr. 1-13


World Autism Awareness

Apr. 14-27


Earth Day/Week

Apr. 28-Jun. 30


Normal Tower Lighting

Jul. 1-6


Independence Day

Jul. 7-Sept. 7


Normal Tower Lighting

Sept. 8-14


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Sept. 15-21


Hunger Action Month - Hunger Awareness

Sept. 22-Oct. 18


Normal Tower Lighting

Oct. 19-26


Dyslexia Awareness

Oct. 27-Nov. 2



Nov. 3-11


Veterans Day

Nov. 12- Dec 16


Normal Tower Lighting

Dec. 17-Dec. 22



Dec. 23-Jan. 2



Several Improvements Slated for Riverwalk, Moser Tower in Coming Years

Moser Tower Assessment Plan to Provide Framework for Maintaining this Community Asset

Several capital improvements to the Riverwalk, known as Naperville's "crown jewel," and surrounding amenities are planned for the next few years. Included is an assessment of the Moser Tower, which is the structure that houses the Millennium Carillon; a new elevator in Moser Tower; and a cost-sharing project to build a retaining wall on the west side of the DuPage River at 702 S. Washington St.


"All of these projects, in their own way, lay the groundwork for maintaining the Riverwalk and related assets for generations to come," Riverwalk Commission Chairman Bill Epp said. "Especially when it relates to Moser Tower, by taking an in-depth look at the current state of the 15-year-old structure, we can better plan for what needs to be done in the future and budget appropriately and wisely to meet those needs, which better serves our taxpayers in the long term."


In 2014 the Millennium Carillon Foundation transferred the responsibility for programming and maintenance of the Millennium Carillon and Moser Tower to the Naperville Park District and the City of Naperville, specifically the Riverwalk Commission. In 2011, the Riverwalk Commission produced an asset management plan that inventoried all of the assets on the Riverwalk and developed a plan to maintain these assets over time. Building on the success of this document, and in recognizing that asset management planning is an integral part of maintaining capital infrastructure, the Riverwalk Commission asked the City Council at its recent Capital Improvement Program (CIP) workshop to support an assessment of Moser Tower.


"The timing for this assessment is excellent," Epp said. "We are at a critical juncture to evaluate the tower now so we can plan for its maintenance and be proactive in our budgeting, versus reactive. This is also helpful as we plan to install a new elevator in the tower within the next year, and knowing the condition of the tower beforehand will allow us to make the right decisions regarding the replacement."


The Moser Tower Asset Management Plan will be a sister document to the Riverwalk Asset Management Plan and provide a timeline for proper maintenance of this unique outdoor structure. The assessment may take place as early as this spring. While the assessment is being conducted, residents and visitors may notice cranes and other equipment around the tower, as well as individuals on, in and around the tower evaluating the structure.


In regards to the retaining wall at 702 S. Washington St., the City is participating in a cost-sharing program with the developer of that property to construct the wall. This is an essential addition that is needed to accommodate the future Riverwalk south expansion project. Although a timeline for the extension of the Riverwalk from Hillside Road south to Martin Avenue has not been identified, this is an opportunity to share the cost of an amenity that otherwise could have been necessary for the City to fully budget.


For more information on the Riverwalk, visit or contact Riverwalk Administrator Jan Erickson at or (630) 305-5984. For more information on the City of Naperville, visit

Tower Closed for Winter

The tower is an open-air structure and is closed for the late Autumn and Winter seasons.

It typically opens for visitation in May, but check back here in the early Spring for the official schedule.

Group Visits, Bridal Parties
Call the Naperville Park District for special requests: (630) 848-5000
The Third Gift
Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon was begun in 1998 as a labor of love by a small group of Naperville families, and in a short time the vision spread to many, who donated the funds to make the vision a reality.
In the tradition of Centennial Beach and the Riverwalk, the Millennium Carillon is a gift from the people of our community for all future generations to enjoy.
Those who donated funds to make our carillon possible also left messages about themselves, their life in Naperville, and their support of the carillon project. You can read their messages in this cyberspace time capsule. A special section of the web site displays the lists of donors. You can read the messages of those that left messages by clicking on any names that are blue and underlined.