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The Carillon Lights Up the Night
Millennium Carillon Colored Lighting Schedule
Date Color Occasion
Apr 1-Apr 13
Blue Autism Awareness Month
Apr 14-Apr 30
Green Earth Day Activities


Naperville’s Millennium Carillon will honor World Autism Awareness month by shining blue lights from Moser Tower from April 1 to 13.  

On April 14, the lights will change to green in celebration of Earth Day activities throughout the rest of the month.

The annual lighting schedule includes red, white and blue lighting for Independence Day and Veterans Day, orange lighting for Halloween, blue lighting for Hanukkah, and red/green for Christmas.

Units of local government, school districts and colleges, not-for-profit corporations and public agencies are that are interested in proposing the display of certain colors to promote, celebrate, or commemorate non-profit or non-commercial community activities or events should contact the Park District at 630-848-5000.

Tower Closed for Winter

The tower is an open-air structure and is closed for the late Autumn and Winter seasons.

It typically opens for visitation in May, but check back here in the early Spring for the official schedule.

Group Visits, Bridal Parties
Call the Naperville Park District for special requests: (630) 848-5000
Bell Recitals

Our Carilloneurs play on Saturdays at noon and 7:00pm and on Sundays at 4:00pm.

See the Recitals page for details.
The Third Gift
Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon was begun in 1998 as a labor of love by a small group of Naperville families, and in a short time the vision spread to many, who donated the funds to make the vision a reality.
In the tradition of Centennial Beach and the Riverwalk, the Millennium Carillon is a gift from the people of our community for all future generations to enjoy.
Those who donated funds to make our carillon possible also left messages about themselves, their life in Naperville, and their support of the carillon project. You can read their messages in this cyberspace time capsule. A special section of the web site displays the lists of donors. You can read the messages of those that left messages by clicking on any names that are blue and underlined.